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Environmental and safety certificates

To secure the future of the next generations, Vanhees Metalen is actively involved, day after day, with treating and processing these waste flows in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.
To reduce our environmental impact and ecological footprint, Vanhees Metalen makes every effort to make the treatment process as sustainable as possible. For example, we generate our electricity using 1,500 solar panels; we purify our waste water at our own water-purification plant with sand filtration and are actively engaged in dust management at our yard. This way we contribute to a more pleasant living environment. 

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Our Certificates

enironment and safety


By subscribing to the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certificates, we constantly improve our environmental performance and meet the most stringent environmental and quality standards. In addition, Vanhees Metalen also has a VIHB number, which allows us to carry out transport in the Netherlands.

enironment and safety


By obtaining the VCA certificate (Safety Certificate for Contractors), we guarantee safe working in a safe working environment at all times.

enironment and safety


Bij obtaining the Valipac certificate, Vanhees Metalen is certified as an operator for Valipac.
As a customer of Vanhees Metalen, you are therefore eligible to receive a premium if you sort and recycle your metal industrial packaging waste. All information about the Valipac-premiums through this QR code or via the Valipac folder.

Certificates safety and environment

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