HARZÉ – Herentals Location

Sale of new iron

Our new iron division is housed at our Mol site. Here, a wide range of metal sections and accessories are sold. They can be cut, sawn and bent to size at the customer's request.

This work is carried out down to the last detail as agreed with the customer.
  • I-beams and H-beams
  • L-, flat and U-iron
  • Round, square and rectangular pipes
  • Flat plates in all thicknesses
  • Profiled roofing sheets
  • All accessories for fencing
  • Welding materials
  • Cutting and grinding tools
  • ...

The materials purchased can be collected or delivered at home at a predetermined time as agreed with the customer.

The company Vanhees Metalen can carry out, as agreed with the customer, the following iron operations:

Squaring Off

The band saw is used to cut the material to the length requested by the customer.

Sawing for Serial Work

For serial work, however, we can rely on our automatic saw. This machine is capable of finishing large series to the requested length.

Sawing of Beams

For beams, we have a larger-calibre band saw. This saw is used to saw the beams to the correct length. In addition, we can saw these beams at an angle.

Cutting of Plates

The shears are intended for all your cuts. This machine is capable of cutting through 13 mm. The maximum cutting length is 3,000 mm


The tilting bending machine allows for the bending of plates up to 2 mm in thickness. The length of the bending is 2,000 mm at an angle of 180° to 75°.

“The Cast-Iron Link between Old and New”