HARZÉ – Herentals Location

Delivery and sale of old metals and scrap.

Vanhees Metalen is the place to drop off and sell all your old metals
and all types of scrap. In addition, we place skips for scrap metal
which are collected again by our own people. Finally, we also
demolish and clean up steels structures, machines, furnaces...

General Acceptance & Purchase Conditions

Unless expressly agreed otherwise, Vanhees Metalen will buy metals exclusively under the terms set forth below.

The purchased metals will always be carried at the risk of the seller, unless agreed otherwise. The skips will always be placed under the responsibility of the customer and must only be used for loading metals. Such goods must be free of pollution.

In the event of damage or theft of a skip, the new value will be charged to the customer.

If different types of quality are mixed, the purchase price of the entire batch will be reduced to the rate of the lowest quality.
The supplied materials are only accepted if they are free of interfering materials, such as:
  • asbestos and materials containing asbestos
  • toxic and explosive substances
  • radioactive substances
  • all electronic components containing PCB such as condensers

If, during waste sorting, pollution is found, the supplier will be liable and will have to pay the costs.

If the metals are polluted, the amount of polluted material will be deducted from the total weight. The polluted material will be transported by Vanhees Metalen nv to the proper landfill at the seller's expense. Rejected goods will be returned at the customer's expense.

Accepted Waste

Volgende materialen worden aanvaard:
  • Ferrous metals (iron, cast iron, plate iron, iron wire, ...)
  • Non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminium, zinc, lead, ...)
  • Electric cable waste (incl. ground cables)
  • Stainless steel
  • Lead batteries
  • Electric transformers if they have been cleaned in advance and come with a cleaning certificate (oil-free).
  • ...

The following waste is subject to "special conditions"

Non-depolluted vehicle wrecks 
If available, the vehicle documents (registration certificate, inspection report and certificate of conformity) must be kept at hand. The vehicle wrecks must not be compressed or pressed together and they must not contain interfering materials. Car tyres are only accepted if a complete car is turned in. 

Metal Fuel Holders 
These holders are only accepted if they come with a cleaning certificate issued by a registered collector, merchant or broker (IHM) 

Spray cans, fire-extinguishers 
Spray cans and fire extinguishers (dry powder fire extinguishers) are only accepted if they are completely empty. 

Metal packaging (paint cans, vessels,…)
Metal packaging should be scrape-clean and drained. Packaging that contained toxic products (GHS 06) are not accepted. The original labels must not be removed or rendered illegible. 


We accept only household WEEE generated in Belgium. The WEEE offered must not contain food residue, packaging or protective materials. The following waste flows are not accepted:
  • gas cylinders (except if supplied through the manufacturer/owner)
  • separately supplied LPG tanks if they do not come with a cleaning certificate

Skip Service for Industrial Customers

For the purpose of scrap collection, Vanhees Metalen places skips on site – both at companies, at recycling centres and at the site of private individuals.

Additionally, our drivers hold the ADR certificate for collecting lead batteries. We have various types of skips: 2.5m³, 15m³, 30m³, 40m³

What Vanhees Metalen has to offer:
  • Free placement for larger volumes
  • Fast skip delivery and collection
  • Smooth payment at fair market prices
  • Free advice
Our Service = Your Gain!

Treatment in our Plants

Car Wreck Depollution Centre

Vanhees Metalen is an OVAM-approved car wreck depollution centre. Thanks to the extraction of all types of fluids such as oils and fuels, and the removal of the battery, oil filter, tyres and glass, the vehicle is ready to be crushed in the shredding plant.


This plant is used at Vanhees Metalen to reduce pure metals to a furnace-ready product. The shears reduce all pure scrap to furnace-ready lengths. These materials are cut to lengths of a maximum of 1 m and at a capacity of 30 tonnes per hour. The finished product is intended for steel factories as well as for export.

Shredding Plant

The shredding plant crushes mixed types of metal, car wrecks, tin and scrap from recycling centres to form pure secondary raw materials for the Belgian and international metal industry. Our shredding plant has a capacity of 250 tonnes per day.

Onze shredderinstallatie heeft een capaciteit van 250 ton/dag.

drop off and sell old metals and scrap

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